A Touch of Nature

Our collections offer a wide selection of different high quality materials and qualities.
The framsohn series are developed following the latest designs and colour trends, combined with the best Austrian quality.

Naturally intelligen hand towel collection

„Botanic Deluxe“ framsohn frottier

framsohn terry combines in the new collection “Botanic Deluxe” the highest quality cotton with the CO2 neutral

Beechwood fiber Modal® from Austria. This botanical fiber is characterized by its special, natural softness, which stays soft even after many washes.

Modal® not only impresses with its sustainable development, but also with the noble shine that the fiber naturally brings. The unique blend of the finest cotton and this special, botanical fiber guarantees brilliant colors even after many washes and makes “Botanic Deluxe” particularly absorbent.

Organic Nature

New Organic cotton collection in extra soft single yarn terry


Organic Nature is a new collection of high quality organic cotton, produced using an unique, sensitive, environmentally-friendly and sustainable production process from the cotton growing to the production of the finished towels – without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilisers or brightening agents.


Environmentally friendly responsibility begins with the raw material


For the Organic Nature collection, we use only pure organic cotton grown in the Aegean Region. All of the yarns spun from the cotton are certified in accordance with the internationally recognised Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Organic Nature offers a range of six natural and harmonious colour tones. All of the colour dyes and agents used are also certified in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), just like the Organic yarn.

Premium Cotton

The Premium collection is made out of 100% first-class combed yarn.
This cotton yarn has extra long fibers and gives the terry goods of this collection a wonderfully soft touch and a great uniform and shiny surface.

Permanent Natural Soft Luxury

The Quattro collection is a cosy and soft luxury, made of 100% natural fibres.

Due to a special material mixture of cotton and the CO2 neutral MicroModal® fibre from Lenzing, this collection is incomparable absorbent and remains permanent soft without the use of any softeners.

Classic Basic

The Ma Belle collection is a classical, solid series made of 100% cotton.By the use of high-quality colourant, these towels in white and pastell are washable up to 95°C.The cosy and soft terry fabric as well as it´s typical border are responsible for its specific character.

Soft Bath mats

Bath mats are not only a nice detail in the bathroom, the soft touch bath mats also keep your feet warm! Thanks to the decent design and the beautiful colours, this bath mat harmoniously fits into every bathroom. A tightly woven and extremely absorbent quality made of 100% cotton also protects you from slipping on wet floor. Our bath mat series is available in 3 sizes and 24 colours!

Naturally Soft Bathrobes

At framsohn you are sure to find your matching bathrobe! We produce our bathrobes in various qualities, such as sustainable organic cotton, classic cotton terry, light waffle piqué, modern hamam fabric and many more.

Our bathrobes are also perfect for the sauna time! In addition to it, we have a wide range of sauna kilts.

You can feel our high standard of quality by its pleasant wearing comfort.

Trendy Highlights for the Bathroom

framsohn frottier places great importance on high-quality designs and trendy colours. We get ideas and inspirations for the collections at international trend fairs, in blogs and trendy magazines but also in daily activities and in the everyday life.

The new „Homely“ Collection

Earth tones and terracotta: they create a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

“Homely” presents itself with timeless designs such as herringbone, block stripes and melé, which look very modern and relaxed at the same time.