framsohn frottier – A Touch of Nature

Certified with the European Eco-Label, ÖkoTex 100 and GOTS

In the densely forested north of Austria, textile production has been a tradition for centuries.
Since 1908 the Austrian company framsohn frottier produces high-quality terry products in the picturesque Woodquarter Region in the North of Austria – the “Waldviertel” region.

Today’s company´s name framsohn frottier is named after the founder FRanz AMstetter & SOHN, which means Franz “the father” and his “son”.
Company founder Franz Amstetter is still known by framsohn connoiseurs.

framsohn frottier places particular emphasis on the connection between nature and people. Nowadays this is called sustainability. We, have always called it a sense of responsibility.

Mr. Philipp Schulner, is framsohn´s manager director in the 4th generation.

Having the production locally in Heidenreichstein, gives framsohn the advantage that the CO2 emissions are reduced by short transport routes.

A continuous quality control from the beginning to the end is possible and ecological parameters are influenced and optimized.

Over more than 100 years, the traditional Woodquarter Region based company framsohn frottier has developed into one of the most innovative and successful manufacturers of terry towels in Europe, where profitability, production optimization and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive but mutually supportive.

Ever since, the finest yarns made from natural materials have been processed and have its final touch exclusively in Heidenreichstein. The particularly soft water helps to weave incomparably soft towels and colour them in a gentle manner.

Hardly any chemicals are added to the water during processing at the factory and in all production steps.
This is not only gentle on the environment and the natural circulation of the water but also on the fibers of framsohn´s terry goods.
Contrary to it, fibers treated with chemicals break or fluff and do not last long.

framsohn frottier positions itself as a premium quality producer, is open to new technologies and has a special taste when it comes to colours and trends.

Through the use of special fibers, weaving techniques and equipment, the products of framsohn frottier are produced in a high quality.

The Quattro collection uses MicroModal® from Lenzing. These fibers are made of CO2 neutral beech wood tree fibers and are naturally and permanently soft.

The organic collection “Organic Touch” is a particularly sustainable collection and is made of GOTS certified organic cotton. In 2011, framsohn frottier was honored with the Trigos, an award for companies with a high commitment to CSR.

For Framsohn Frottier, sustainability is a corporate philosophy practiced throughout the entire production process.

 Annual certification tests are ran by external certification organizations for framsohn´s claim to ecological production and top quality.

framsohn frottier is the bearer of the European Eco-Label, ÖkoTex 100 and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), as well as a partner of the Regional Producers Organization – which it already says, values the region and its local producers.

framsohn terry stands for Premium Quality